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‘IR35’ has been coming for such a long time now and the number of webinars and opinions continue to roll on providing us all with the best view of everyone from qualified Tax Specialists to Payroll and Umbrella providers. As a business leader that has a well-established private sectored control population, and an emerging one in the public sector, the most frustrating thing is the lack of defined guidance from the government as to how the legislation should be interpreted. A big question for most people is How will a role be assessed, and Is the CEST tool going to be amended or a new one published ahead of the legislation coming into effect in April 2020. We all have a burning need to understand what our workforce looks like or indeed what the role we may be working in looks like in this context. 

Bright Purple has a working group that I lead to ensure we are informed and adapting our process to reflect the needs of candidates and clients through these legislation changes, and you can be re-assured that we are focussed on protecting all parties and embedding suitable working practices as soon as we are fully informed of the interpretation of the legislation. 

We are hearing from clients and candidates with questions around the subject of IR35, and whilst at Bright Purple we are staying abreast of things and planning based on best input from APSCo and RSM we are as frustrated by the lack of firm advise as everyone else.  

Our desire is to run IR35 forums with the aim of informing, sharing and learning about our approach, your approach and experience. This will involve input of expertise from our partners. We will inform you as soon as we have dates. It seems sensible to wait until the guidance is published by government to hold these events and we expect that to now come in November.  

Until we get firm advise from government we are advising our contractors to consult with financial advisors of Limited Company or Umbrella Provider. The HMRC current guidance for understanding IR35 can be found here  


I recently attended a very good RSM webinar that gave 8 practical things to do for clients and candidates before the legislation comes into effect:

It is fair to say that the best advice is to seek best advice just now. Here's to more information coming from HMRC soon!

If you have any questions please contact me or the Bright Purple team:



Managing Director

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