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From 1 January 2021, employers will need to have a sponsorship licence to hire most workers from outside the UK. With the UK leaving the EU, free movement is ending and a new point-based immigration system will be introduced. The new system includes criteria relating to the advertised job, including a minimum salary, as well as introducing language and in some cases education requirements for the worker.

How to apply for a sponsorship licence

Employers that are concerned about their ability to recruit the required workforce after Brexit are recommended to research and consider obtaining a sponsorship licence. Employers apply for a sponsorship licence through the Home Office; the application process is complex with several original documents having to be submitted in addition to the online application and staggered fee structure.

Decisions can take up to 16 weeks depending on whether any further information is requested on the initial review of the application, for example additional documents or on-site visits by the UKVI to your premises. Usual timeline is a decision within 4 to 8 weeks but there will be a likely surge in applications towards the end of the year as we approach the UK leaving the EU


Benefits of holding a sponsorship licence

-Wider talent pool - the world becomes your oyster for sourcing the best talent

-You might look more attractive to candidates and other stakeholders

-The licence is valid for 4 years and the renewal process is much easier than a brand-new application


The information provided is a general guide and legal advice should be taken for anyone company that wishes to proceed. Information provided may no longer be correct as new information is released. We recommend the following resources provided by

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