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Sometimes Pre-Employment Screening (PES) is a matter of law, sometimes it’s purely a matter of sensible practice.

Let Bright Purple’s dedicated PES and Compliance Team take care of your requirements using their many years of experience and latest technologies to support clients from SME start up’s to major PLC’s.

We are aware that different Clients have different needs and are here to meet any PES and Compliance struggles you may have and we’re backed by compliance policies around data and systems to support to keep us all safe and in line with the latest regulations. Our team are based in the Bright Purple Edinburgh Headquarters and our clients benefit from real relationships with our team.

We’re not geeks, we’re just here to take the complicated out of Compliance!

Why do you need PES checks?

  1. It highlights criminal history
  2. It complies with due diligence and avoids liability
  3. Its provides verification of Education and Certifications
  4. It keeps both Customer and Client safe
  5. Validation that you have chosen the right candidate
  6. Highlights any fraudulent activity

Bright Purple Offer different levels of checks and these can be bespoke to your specific needs:

Level 1 - BPSS – Baseline Personnel Security Standard

This is the basic screening service which all companies should adhere to. The BPSS check covers; Legal RTW, Proof of Residency, 3 years employment referencing, CRC Check

Level 2 – PES4 Enhanced Check

This is a more advance check which should be followed especially if your candidate is planning on working in the Financial Sector. The PES4 Enhanced Check covers; Legal RTW, Proof of Residency (plus past 5 years), 5 years employment referencing, Education Verification, CRC Check and a Financial and Sanctions check.

To learn more about this service get in touch today on 0131 473 7030