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Bright Purple - Global Recruiters

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In December 2015 Bright Purple took the bold steps to change its future path, looking at growth, but also importantly how it could provide greater customer value in the years ahead.

Nick Price, the Bright Purple CEO commented, “I made the decision to merge the business with IDE International, because I could see the pace of change within our sector was quickening, and it was becoming more evident that we needed to show that we were capable of adding significant valued services and products to our existing recruiting skillset.”

“I had known the founders of IDE International for many years and in fact I had been involved in the career changes for one of its founders. The team at IDE were looking to build a new global Product and Services Company that would help their clients manage their business change and digital transformation programmes, using innovative products and services. By using the vast experiences they had gained over many years working within global corporates and also in successfully building and selling their own tech and consulting companies, they developed a strategy based around a 4 box offering. The offerings are all aimed at answering the challenges of change and transformation in the digital and data world and include, projects/consulting, product development, education and talent management.”

Their first IDE product now released is the portfolio management tool called PRIMED. More information about this next generation of portfolio and change management software can be found here at

IDE International are delivering Digital Leadership education, as well as Data Maturity Modelling in conjunction with Carnegie Mellon University from the USA and more education is being currently added.

The company is also developing its offerings around data analytics and using its experience gained in the SMART CITIES programme.

Price continues “People are at the heart of everything IDE International is looking to build, so it was an obvious fit to bring in Bright Purple to fulfil the talent management quadrant, but it doesn’t stop there because we are also developing other exciting new offerings in this space. Workforce of the Future, another people based offering is soon to be rolled out and here we’ll be working with customers to deliver talent that they can build their future upon, in skill areas that remain in high demand, but short supply skill sets such as business analysis, project lead and PMO.”

Bright Purple is looking forward to playing its part in a bright future under the IDE International brand and to speaking with its existing customers, as well as new clients about the new service and product offerings from the wider catalogue at its disposal.

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