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What is it like to work for Bright Purple?

What our newest Purple People say

Bright Purple Resourcing –My first two months
Louise Millar

My first impressions of Bright Purple Resourcing were very positive; my interview was brilliant.
I felt at ease very quickly, naturally I hoped this feeling would continue when I met with the team.

I was a little apprehensive about my transition back to an environment where I would be working closely with others. In my previous role I was very much a team of one.

Two months in, the team couldn’t have been more supportive, encouraging and collaborative. Everyone is on hand to help each other out – such a fantastic environment.
Plus, the fantastic views of Edinburgh Castle don’t hurt!

The buzz in the office is continual, we are all encouraged to play to our strengths, and we are very lucky to be part of the IDE family.
I am really looking forward to being part of the Bright Purple Resourcing future – it’s ambitious and it’s going to be Bright!

Jamie Rose

Since I came from an entrepreneurial background (co-founded SFN EXPO and nominated for Sports Entrepreneur of the Year), I never considered being employed by someone; however, after meeting with Paul at Bright Purple I quickly realised my passion for running a business wouldn’t be supressed at Bright Purple but encouraged.

As a Talent Delivery Specialist your day is as exciting and fast as you want to make it. From meeting with world leading companies to the fast paced world of contractors, you are in charge of your own success. With the high quality training, an energetic working environment and endless opportunities I loving working for Bright Purple and I’m excited about my future here.

Naomi Gibson

With a career that began in hospitality, from Finance to Marketing and Sales, I have always been in an industry surrounded by people. After a conversation with a friend (and now colleague) Amy, I found that recruitment had similar customer-centric values… but with far more sociable hours.

From the initial chat with Paul Curry to this afternoon, my Bright Purple journey has been exciting and rewarding. Our training in the Bright Purple Academy set us up to hit the ground running and day-to-day life as a Talent Delivery Specialist is fast paced, fun and we are given all of the tools needed to be as successful as possible.

The team at Bright Purple are empowering and work with some incredible companies, it’s an exciting time to be joining recruitment and be surrounded with inspirational colleagues, clients and candidates.

We are growing - want to help us shine even brighter?

At Bright Purple, we’re excited to let you know – we’re growing!  That means that we’re looking for new team members.  Let's have a look at some key things you can expect working here:

1. Relaxed, welcoming and fun environment

When it comes to our environment, Bright Purple has it all. As Kirsty and Phil would put it – it’s all about location, location, location. Just based 5 minutes from Waverley Station on Rose Street, we’re spoilt with castle views, bustling shops and fantastic places to grab a bite to eat.  Once you’re in our building, it’s all about the people.  What you’ll find is not only a great office, you’ll find an energised and enthusiastic team working effectively with clients and candidates. What’s not to love!

2. Flexible working

With working parents and staff with busy lives outside of work, we know the benefit of working flexibly.  At Bright Purple we’re encouraged to start and finish during a time that suits us. Across the board, all of the team leverage the benefits of flexible working and enjoy the benefits it brings. 

3. Collaborative and consultative

We think you’ll agree – that working together and consulting are two things that are crucial to any business. It’s great to see a team who genuinely work together.  In the open office atmosphere there is serious collaboration and this happens all the time. It’s just a Bright Purple way of life.  In addition to that, a few times a week we get together to have Scrum meetings.  These meetings are vital to our team success – from sharing where we are with clients and candidates and thinking ahead about our future goals - we’re here to support each other. Not forgetting our back office team, who supports us so much from corporate accounting to managing our contractors; they do a wonderful job of keeping everything running smoothly. On a more light-hearted note, it’s not all work, work, work- we have regular get-togethers, team lunches and team drinks to celebrate our success.  Fundamentally, we’re working together to grow the business and to make Bright Purple even brighter.

4. Autonomy

With no limit on geography, your Bright Purple world really is your oyster.  Using your network, whether Scotland based or anywhere else in the world, you’re encouraged to do business wherever you like. If you’re energised and raring to go, there are no limits on the industry you can work with. Just go for it.  We all have amazing opportunities to reach candidates by having dual desks which gives everyone the opportunity to maximise their potential and gives our clients the flexibility to meet immediate requirements.

5. Inspiring Leadership

Any amazing workplace needs inspiring leaders - that’s for certain.  Here at Bright Purple, we’re lucky enough to be led by Paul Curry, Managing Director, and Nick Price, Director. With extensive leadership at the helm, we’re able to benefit from working closely with our leadership team to open doors to their vast networks. With no need for executive offices, our leadership sit closely with us in the open plan office giving us visibility of what’s happening in the business in real time. From ad-hoc business updates, fun stories and free tickets to events we’re not left in the dark.  In our purpose built learning facility, we’re encouraged to be continually learning to ensure that we’re genuinely able to support both our clients and candidates. Our leadership team have put in place digital learning sessions which are led by Digital Professionals to support us to grow our knowledge on of the digital space. 

As team members we are also encouraged to take owenership of leading a culture of innovation, as Bright Purple recognises that leadership needs to come from everyone.


If you’d like to be part of our growing team, just get in touch. Drop us an email and we’ll get in touch to have a coffee and a chat.

Send a copy of your action packed CV to Paul Curry- Managing Director- on or give Paul a call on +44 (0)131 473 7074 to get the ball rolling.