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Bright Purple - Global Recruiters

The Bright Purple Culture

Paul Curry, Managing Director and Nick Price, Executive Partner, might lead the Bright Purple business, but what makes the Bright Purple business different?

Paul says, ‘Quite simply we believe in the power of people.’

‘The team, our purple people, the environment and embracing the potential to go to a new level are core to us. It’s been exciting  to create a culture of high performance, development and a modern, flexible working practice where people are focused on being the very best they can be, strategic partnerships with customers and candidates and having fun. We have a fantastic business and culture already but I’m more excited about the future possibilities.’

‘Making sure that talented people understand that you value them for the skills, experience and personality that you hired them for is vital. We have introduced flexible and remote working, weekly development sessions, support to study professional qualifications and we’ve improved the environment with new IT equipment and the introduction of Arthur the blogging dog, our Morale Specialist. I truly believe that to have a great culture that people must be fully engaged and my role is to ensure that Bright Purple is a place that people can flourish, be happy and engage.

Nick continues, ‘The culture here within the business is great and it’s why I love being a bright purple person. I was one of the founders of the business back in 1995, but it rebranded to its current form in 2006 and I have always been proud to be associated with this business and the many great bright purple people, including those now gone to pastures new.' And Nick wasn’t finished there, ‘Running a business isn’t easy and mistakes are made, I should know I’ve made plenty, but deep down we’ve always strived to be a good employer. Of course it helps now that I have Paul here to help build the people capability and continue developing the culture. He’s a natural, our people have utmost respect for him, as do I and his career history lends itself perfectly to him becoming the force that will drive our business to new heights.'

Bright Purple people are a diverse mix of very talented, hardworking, fun individuals. We are mixed bag of young and old (although Nick himself doesn’t think he’s that old), of working mums and new fathers, of varying nationalities and beliefs, but all of us are Bright Purple people. Our people agenda focuses on helping our people to achieve their own personal goals, whilst giving them the support and the tools they need to fulfil the expectations of a fabulous customer base! 

Of course the above is all centred around our values: