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You Can Make Excuses or You Can Just Get It Done!

Excuses are for people who don't want it bad enough

If you ask me about my passion for business, I’ll confidently tell you that I am bright purple through and through and if you cut me, I will probably bleed purple and why not, as I have been involved here since day one in 1995. There is nothing that ever makes me think, that we are not capable of achieving our goals and dreams! OK it’s not always a straight road, we often hit bumps in that road and sometimes there’s an occasional crash, but we get up and go again and it’s that can-do spirit that I love. This is helped when you are surrounded by a team packed with characters, where quality is key, desire and ambition of those who want to be the best they can be is constantly on display, so how can I not be passionate?

But that is where the word ‘TEAM’ plays a huge part in ours and any company who wants to be successful, because with the right people and a supportive, can-do culture in place, everyone will fight for each other. I have led the bright purple business for so many years and yes I have made many mistakes where I have tried to manage when I should have stuck to leading or where I have tried whacky ideas, when it would have been easier to bank the cash and stay on track. However I have always given 100% and tried, no one can ever suggest I made excuses. But I hear so many excuses from people who never get to where they want to be, because it’s too hard. Of course it’s hard and if it wasn’t, what sense of achievement is there when something is too easy?

This weekend my own desire to win will be tested to the max in Sweden!

Nick and Siri jumping
Nick & Siri taking off

I'm taking part in the Toughest race series in Stockholm on Saturday 3rd June, running and tackling 40 strength sapping obstacles, along-side my 19 year old, super fit daughter Siri Price - she decided that this would make a perfect Christmas present for her dad, gee thanks daughter!!! Am I worried yes, am I prepared, not nearly enough. Unlike business, I struggle with my motivation for fitness and it comes and goes, however I am hoping this weekend in the Swedish sunshine will rekindle the passion I had to be as fit as I can. As you get older I think it gets mentally tougher to be super fit, or hang on, isn’t that just an excuse, is that just my head trying to talk me out of all the hard work it's going to take to get it back to fit again? It will be easy to make an excuse as I really haven’t got myself in to race shape, but I am not going to listen to my head, instead I am just going to do it and get around this course as best I can, I might damaged goods by the end, but I will get to the end!


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