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Tech Trends 2018

Tuesday night was the ScotlandIS Tech Trends 2018 Edinburgh event and it was interesting to hear Richard Marshall of Chelsea Apps give his take on what lies ahead in 2018. Those around the industry wouldn't find anything shocking on the list: AI, Deeply Integrated Voice (don’t say Alexa before telling secrets!) 5G and Mixed Reality were all there, however there was a common simple and powerful theme of 'Everything must deliver customer outcomes'. Put simply, this is all about helping people at business and personal level. Helping, that’s something that most of us fundamentally enjoy doing- I certainly do, and who doesn’t feel good when they help someone?              


 Polly introduces the Scotland IS event

Help!  How do we help our customers?

The best way to help our customers might be simple, and the solution already exist, but real excitement and value comes of new, quicker, slicker, efficient and innovative solutions and we are all desiring them. Occasionally one solution creates a world of new needs and Richard talked well about how he was told by one of the really big players that people would never walk along using apps!

For me, the past week has been a really big learning week. It made me wonder about lots of things. Have we got enough focus on innovation at Bright Purple? And what is Bitcoin?

Then I was thinking about when things like virtual reality cross from experimental and fun into the really useful. An example is the way VR and Google glass seemed to me to be talked about as something great for gaming before people really thought about the practical uses that make a difference as those technologies start to evolve towards maturity.

A few things spring to mind as I reflect on the event this week and the Derek Bishop Culture of Innovation event in the Bright Purple Academy last week. We have to stay savvy and constantly look for needs and know what is out there to help with solutions. Thanks to Scotland IS for helping with that one already this week!

To discover our customers’ needs, and create innovation to meet them, we also need to create a world that promotes it. We must have business cultures with a listening ear and the best ears in my experience are usually at the coal face. Oh and critically we need to think about employee experiences. I've noticed that people increasingly talk of how historically we gave employees the thin end of the technology and experience wedge and this is thankfully a changing trend. There's lots to think about, lots to learn and lots of needs to help.

Happy winners of Derek's book 'Bulding a Culture of Innovation'


On that note, I'm about to get off a train to meet people in London. They’ll have needs.... Hope I can help!

/Paul Curry, Managing Director


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