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Purple pitch

A couple of years ago I announced to the world through Linked In that I was privileged to have been appointed into a scouting roles for Everton Football Club. It’s been useful day to day as many people away from the football part of my life see the title  Senior Professional Youth Scout, Scotland, and use it as an icebreaker. In some cases they visibly regard my view on football more credibly and even directly asked my opinion on players. Often I’m asked what I actually do and enquire as to what scouts look for and see in players (there’s no magical formula). It is a great conversation starter, but occasionally I need to remind the person I’m enjoying talking to about football that we had another agenda!

I reflect that in my day job leading the business here at Bright Purple, the Edinburgh headquartered Technology and Change people solutions and recruitment business, the team and I are focused on many of the same things as I do in my football career; searching for not just talent, but the very best. The talent that can be identified as having something different, that matches a requirement, strengthens a team, has potential to go to another level, take a team with them and inspire others.

Purple fans

I spend many hours of my time outside of work watching professional football from development ‘academy’ level through to the elite of the Premier Leagues of England and Scotland. I believe you need to see, feel and live the game across all levels to understand what is not just very good but exceptional. There are courses with professional qualifications, highly experience colleagues and resources to support me, and doing proper research and having a strong evolving network helps, but ultimately it’s about getting out there and putting experience and knowledge together. Doing to the ‘leg work’ is the rarely glamorous in any walk of life, but I have a passion for it, so I enjoy, what is too often in Scotland, a very wet, cold and windy couple of hours in October (the much hackneyed wet Tuesday night in Stoke would be easy!). Including my passion for watching Everton’s first team I’ve watched around 100 games in the past season (not on the TV!) all in and can honestly say that I have enjoyed ‘most’ of them.

At Bright Purple we are much the same, we are looking at the best talent and taking note of those that we believe would add quality to our customers and clients. We make every effort to advise and assist those immediately available for their next career mover or seeking a new start having been ‘released by their present club’.  We use innovative technology, networks and experience to understand what the very best talent looks like. This allows us to be smart and working hard in helping our clients and customers to identify where the talent and skills are, compile profiles of where the talent pools exist and to help them secure the right person for their business. Much like the football it’s important to provide a balanced view of the individuals you see. We understand the strengths, development areas and overall potential of people and articulate that in relation to a quality standard set as high as possible.

As I never stop looking at footballers we don’t take our eye of the ball in the Technology and Change recruitment space. If you did you might just miss something special. To be so committed you need to have a passion and belief and drive to be the best.

I’m fortunate to be working with fantastic people in both parts of my professional life that have exceptional standards and are relentlessly seeking the very best. The football season is taking a break for summer, but the quest for talent continues!

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