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Bright Purple - Global Recruiters

I’m sitting here on Calton Hill looking across the amazing sights high above Edinburgh and reflecting on 2 years as a Purple Person. It’s been a fantastic journey and has taken us to a point that seems quite appropriate for my present location. Bright Purple has a proud and envied legacy founded, driven and evolved by the effervescent Nick Price

I thank Nick for giving me the privileged opportunity to evolve his business further back in August 2016. And evolve we have.

Our people agenda has seen the team evolve to 21 passionate and talented individuals doing what they’re good at and developing their skills further in an inspiring and fun environment. Our infrastructure has been wholesale modernised with hardware and software to match our modern approach and ambition. The Bright Purple Academy has been re-established as an outstanding venue for business education and networking under the guidance of Nick with several sell out evenings and more planned. Our commercial strides have been carefully planted in the growth lane, taking us to engage with many new customers and building and reinvigorating existing relationships. Overall our engagement levels have increased beyond expectations and this is now reflected in the services our people deliver.

The level of delivery that we have attained has been fantastic and there’s a real buzz and thrill in the office every day stemming from the team enjoying the partnership and success they are developing with our customers and indeed one another. Our Sales Manager and my 'number 2' Kane Webster has been a pivotal part of the success story, as have 2 more of our originals from 2 years ago Jemma Brown and Magnus Wikstrom. And, it's exciting that there are so many emerging stars in the team. In between the hard work there's a questionable sense of humour and combined with my dad jokes it's a positive office full of cheer, and groans!

This 2 year milestone is a marker for me as I feel that we can say that we have worked hard with our talent to build  our first blocks or 'levels' of the new Bright Purple well. I look forward to us stepping forward with even more purpose as our crack team of Purple Technology Recruiters, Support Team and Arthur the office dog, move into a new era taking us from fishing boat towards more of ‘a liner’, in the analogy of Ray Moore in his book The Levels.

As I look across this fabulous city and its many attractive and often ancient landmarks and attractions planning where to go next having stopped to think, it is similar as at Bright Purple we plan our next moves in business. The work that we have done has given us a fantastic opportunity to grow further and we can now look at the market from an elevated position that is personally as exciting as the view I’m sharing w

ith the tourists around me.


2 years in and we've made more than a start on a special journey!

Bright Purple are looking for top talent to join in the journey, please do drop me a note if you want to get on board.  






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