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A week into the working year, our Managing Director shares his thoughts on how he, and Bright Purple, is going to make 2018 count.

In with the new….


In the Christmas holidays I got an email from Audible the book people telling me that I’d spent a little over 1,500 minutes listening to books in the final quarter of the year. That’s over 24 hours listening to what have mainly been books with a common theme ‘How to be better…’ it’s a great investment of my time. Why? Because I want to be better, I have goals and those that I work with, and for, do too. Until I have ‘won at life’, whatever that means, I’m prepared to listen to suggestions that I might use along the way to that victory.

1,500+ minutes made me smile, after all there are plenty of other things that if I was sent a measure, would rank higher in time spent but probably have much less potential impact in improving results. So I’m intending to increase those minutes. Not least because whilst I love the content of books, I don’t really like reading!

A week into 2018 and I’m guessing that many people have started and failed on a ‘new year, new me’ plan on a personal level. Well, the good news is you can start again with the same or different objectives before January 2019. I suggest that, if you chose something that you genuine believe that will make a difference, you must! If we were to wait for new calendars every time something didn’t go to plan at Bright Purple... Then some years would feel very long indeed.


Marbles and Windmills

Twice already in 2018 I’ve been made to think about life in a slightly different way. You and me reading this don’t have as much time as you might think. First of all my friend Prof. Rakesh Sondhi shared a video that suggests that there are 4 things that you cannot recover one being missed opportunity. It goes on to suggest that if the average life is 70 years, we have 840 months to live our lives. If we filled a jar with 840 marbles and removed 12 a year we would see a visual representation of our chances to make an impact. It challenges us to use time well and make our story an inspiring one.

This reminded me of an inspiring day I spent with Dr Peter Hawkins a few years ago. Peter broke my life into days of a week and as I was in my late 30’s I discovered it’s Thursday in my life. The scary thing is that Thursday for me used to feel like the end of the week. What did I want to achieve by the weekend for my family, friends, colleagues and personal satisfaction and how would I do it?

There are many of these techniques and they really do make me stop and think, but ultimately stopping is the last thing they inspire me to do. Dr Hawkins made me change direction and the fact that I’m still using this story now perhaps indicates that looking at life this way makes a difference.

I read, or more accurately heard, from Dan Meredith in his book How to Be F*cking Awesome that there is a simple method of looking at where youare in life. Look at yourself. The mirror is an accurate reflection of how well you look after yourself; your bank balance tells you about your success etc. The same is true of business and career.

Do It!

So, be aware that every day another marble is removed from your jar and you edge closer to the end of your week and pause and chooseto take actions that will​ make your 2018 special and successful and your story inspiring!

/Paul Curry








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