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I’ve blogged about our progress over my time at Bright Purple and at the end of my 1st complete fiscal year as MD here’s another update.  

Our 2018/19 was a bright sunny year in more ways than one! That's it, nice and clean and positive, and the weather was just so good wasn't it!

It was also fascinating and fun with highs lows and twists and turns... We don’t talk of the B word in the office any longer, instead focusing on the more positive things closer to home - new clients, stronger partners in existing clients and a team that is maturing and looking forward to new members joining and bringing experiences and talent to further enrich the delivery and offering of Bright Purple.  


Exciting And Evolving Market

There’s so much happening in technology and Scotland is a great base from which to deliver UK wide with so many start ups and huge global firms doing fascinating things here, we hear of fantastic new tech early. We have found ourselves working with people doing cool things that weren’t even thought of not long ago! 

That means working in the technology sector is an ongoing education as well as a challenge and it’s one that’s fascinating and engrossing! But we must work hard to look at what's appearing on the horizon to meet the needs of the clients we partner. 

Kane Webster has been Herculean with Jamie Rose in continuing our reshaping and development of contractor offerings to an ever more diverse and rich portfolio of exciting tech businesses along with financial services organisations and now public sector too - they’re the best duo in Scotland! 


Playing as a Team

One of the key projects at Bright Purple in the year was to further build tenure of what was a relatively new team, develop talent even of those with great experience like Magnus who is a cornerstone of excellent delivery and deserves the respect he gets from his clients and colleagues. We seek to create mutual success for our clients and our people, as such enjoy the reward this brings to a company - so much more than financial. We’ve done this well and it's exciting to go into the new year with this team. I’ve been supported and praised heavily, and publicly, by founder and ever energetic Nick Price - thank you, it sets a tone. With the other board members and key shareholders at Primed, our major shareholding parent company, knowledge and support is rich here - something business often seek but seldom find. And the work of the operational leaders and our team members has been unwavering. Commitment to the badge? Well Jemma has found time to have a baby and still seems to know everything happening, along with Carina and Melissa we are spoilt for talent in our support team.  

We have a plan to move forward a considerable distance further in 2019/20 and with unity and determination in the ranks and having a whole lot of fun we’ll do just that. 

So how did we get to this positive place? Consensus. It’s the watchword here; where direction is set and everyone has opportunity to have enough voice that we don’t fall foul of the icebergs that can only be seen by many eyes focussed on the goals of the company. That helps us to navigate away from negativity and stay on track. This provides a business-wide sense of shared leadership and resilience to stick to our course. This method has become the norm at Bright Purple. 

Everyone has their own unique contribution to make and all voices are heard and listened to. So long as the voice makes sense and ideas help us on our course then people are backed and supported. 


The Barcelona DNA

We have seen people leave, but only a couple and they have gone with warm wishes. That strength in keeping a team together of likeminded individuals excites me. It reminds me a little of the Barcelona DNA that Damian Hughes writes about. Everyone understanding not just what we do but how, and understands 'their part'. The sum of the parts is greater than the individual, no-one is bigger than the team - just ask Zlatan! 


It’s an uncertain time in many respects, but Bright Purple have a positive direction, consensus, growing tenure and talent giving a certainly and positivity that anything is possible. 

Here’s to everyone’s continued success in 2019/20! 



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