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A Very Good Transfer Window - But it never really shuts...

Whilst pundits in the football media debate the comings and goings in the world’s richest sport, I am able to report that here at Bright Purple we were busy making what for me are the best signings this January.
We are delighted to have added 3 talented individuals to the business. You’ll see them appear with their very own editorial and who we are section on the site in the days and weeks ahead. We have ‘transferred’ no-one out. A good month indeed!


How to find the right people – a two way street

It’s just as difficult to get people into your commercial business as it is to secure the very best footballers. A lot goes into it, with researching the best talent, working out who is realistically going to be available, and then the process of attracting and selecting them- and critically them selecting you! I’m glad that in business we don’t only have a short window to get things done as it’s hard enough with a window that is always open. Retaining your staff is ever more critical and it’s always in my mind that without keeping the very best it’s even more difficult to attract other stars. At Bright Purple I introduced a culture and management system of having development plans to help our stars of today develop further and the stars of tomorrow to grow and develop as quickly as we can help to do so.


Why do people leave?

I saw top football clubs lose great players last month and sometimes to go and join teams that have no more chance of winning things than the club they left, so why do they do it? Perhaps it’s about how valued they feel or the ambition of those around them, or maybe it’s an extra £20k per week!? I don’t know the answers and certainly don’t have £20k extra to pop in our people’s pay packet each week, however I do value and respect my team, after all they are Bright Purple. I’m always keen to hear about businesses that have implemented success retention strategies whilst growing. One very obvious factor in all this is clarity of mission, ambition and continuity of direction and leadership. It must be worrying to walk into a new club and find the manager leaves the following week creating a sense of fear that you might not fit in or share the new manager’s mission, direction or ambition. So that’s probably another one up for commercial businesses that are generally more stable. 


Talent in IT recruitment

if we are to continue to see growth in tech start-ups established businesses being success in hubs like Manchester and Edinburgh things need to change. The technology industry has current talent crisis with a demand that significantly outstrips the talented people available. We have got to grow and develop new talent from school onwards and keep development going for people

But thereafter it will be about retention. The fear is that it is going to be increasingly difficult to attract overseas talent to plug the high skill gaps that exists, so maybe businesses need to get cracking with home grown talent and developing people in line with their business ambition. Whilst there is certainly some advantages that commercial business has over the world of football, one issue is that the window is never closed and the need to work hard to retain people is always critical. As I plan for our new financial year, people are front of and centre of those plans.      

Hopefully Bright Purple, technology businesses and certainly my club can retain the talent they’ve brought in…….   

 /Paul Curry, Managing Director 










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